About Us


Pictured above (left) is me and two of my dogs treasure hunting on Lake Erie a few years ago in early spring. Yes, I was layered with clothes, it was a typical cold day for spring!  Pictured above (right) is my middle sister and my two nephews doing what we do best as a family, treasure hunting!

Born and raised not far from Lake Erie, I began “treasure hunting” beach glass and pottery in 1992 from the shores of this great lake!  From the first “treasure” I found, I was hooked!  I have always found peace and solitude walking on the beach, “treasure hunting”, it is my release from the real world, my time with Mother Nature.

I currently reside in Indianapolis, IN, but make several trips back home as both my treasures are there, my family and my beach glass!

As time goes on and more and more items are made of plastic, beach glass of course becomes more rare, a true treasure to the “treasure hunter”!  The most precious part of each piece is the potential history you hold in your hand; the wonder of where it may have come from in time.

As you browse my site and view some of the precious items I’ve created, I hope you find each piece, each creation, as special as I do!


I started Treasures by Jody in the summer of 2007, quite by accident really.

I had a friend with a birthday coming up and I had no idea what to get her, one of those friends that have everything and want for nothing, you know those friends, you have at least one or two I’m sure!

I decided to make her something, something that would mean more than just a gift card to a clothing store or restaurant.  I got my beach glass and pottery out and started creating a fine piece of art, which turned out beautiful!

It was like walking on the beach collecting my treasures, it was a release for me, a sense of peace I guess.  Whatever it was, I felt good creating pieces of fine art, which led to creating jewelry.

I think it’s a gift for me to be able to share my world of peace and solitude with all of you, through my art and jewelry!


Authentic beach glass/sea glass & pottery is used for the precious treasures I create!

Colors used in the fine art and jewelry I create are:

  • Cobalt Blue (rare)
  • Periwinkle Blue (rare)
  • Clear
  • Aqua (rare)
  • Seafoam (rare)
  • Green
  • Lime Green
  • Dark Green
  • Amber (very rare)
  • Brown
  • Red (very rare)
  • Lavender (very rare)
  • Pottery of all colors

Please visit the About Beach Glass page for descriptions of all glass and pottery.


To my family and close friends for the continued support you all have given me, encouraging me to follow my passion and make it a reality, thank you!