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What is Beach Glass?

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About Beach Glass

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At Treasures by Jody, I take great pride in the fact that all precious hand crafted works of art are created with authentic beach glass, sea glass & pottery.  My family and I found the majority of the glass or pottery on the shores of Lake Erie or during travels around the world.


What is Beach Glass?

What is beach glass?  Beach glass is a treasure that Mother Nature shares with us, just to let us know how powerful she really is.  Glass and pottery tossed carelessly into the lake, ocean or from a shipwreck ages ago.  The glass and pottery is tumbled by the powerful waves and sands, transformed by Mother Nature over time and eventually she gives us back “beach glass & sea glass”, utterly beautiful and unique!

Each unique and authentic beach glass, sea glass or pottery creation, art or jewelry, has a mysterious past.  One can only imagine what it was and how long it has been in the sands before being discovered on the shoreline.  Is it a remnant from a battle or a goblet tossed overboard from centuries ago?  Whether it’s been centuries or decades, we will never know.  One thing is for certain, there is a maritime past to each unique piece.  Each piece is handcrafted into a one of a kind work of art for you to enjoy for ages.